Spotify Remote Jobs | Senior Data Engineer 2021 Apply Now

Job Responsibilities : Senior Data Engineer, Content Platform

Salary : $115000 per year

Company : Spotify

Location : Remote US

What you’ll do

  • Build large-scale batch and real-time testable data pipelines in Scala and Python in support of ML systems, using data processing frameworks like Scio, Beam, Spark, Storm, and Scalding, running in the cloud via Google Cloud Platform.
  • Design, develop, and deploy backend services in Java with a focus on high availability, robustness, and monitoring.
  • Use best practices in continuous integration and delivery.
  • Help drive optimization, testing, and tooling to improve data and systems quality.
  • Work in multi-functional agile teams to continuously experiment, iterate, and deliver on new product objectives.

Who you are

  • Have 3+ years of professional experience working in a product facing environment.
  • Worked with high volume heterogeneous data, preferably with distributed systems such as Hadoop, BigTable, and Cassandra.
  • Experienced in writing distributed, high-volume services in Java or Scala.
  • Enjoy close collaboration with web engineers and passionate about the software architecture across the backend, frontend and the APIs that glue them together
  • Care about agile software processes, data-driven development, reliability, and responsible experimentation.

Where you’ll be

  • We are a distributed workforce enabling our band members to find a work mode best for them!
  • Where in the world? For this role, it can be within the Americas region in which we have a work location
  • Prefer an office to work from home instead? Not a problem! We have plenty of options for your working preferences. Find more information about about our Work From Anywhere options here
  • Working hours? We operate within the Eastern Standard time zone for collaboration

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