Remote Jobs Online as Care Coordinator Post

Job Responsibilities : Care Coordinator (Remote)

Salary : $17 an hour

Company : Forward

Location : Remote US


    • Deliver high-quality remote support via chat, phone, and email, serving as one of the first responders to any inbound questions or requests from Forward members
    • Facilitate care and streamline handoffs with other parties in the healthcare system, ensuring that our members receive the highest quality care
    • Demonstrate empathy and problem-solving skills as you answer questions, address issues, and coordinate with third parties
    • Triage high responsibility issues and escalate medical concerns when necessary
    • Iterate constantly, leveraging user feedback and your operational experience to improve on what we’ve built
    • Create loyalty among users by contributing to the overall Forward experience
    • Work collaboratively with a team of peers to solve customer issues and complete clinical and administrative tasks on behalf of Forward’s doctors and nurse practitioners
    • Competitive compensation starts at $17/hr. This role does not include medical or dental benefits.


    • Responsible. You take ownership for your work, and you operate with a high level of confidentiality and attention to detail
    • Empathetic and understanding. You are an advocate for the member’s healthcare and are passionate about providing top quality care
    • Articulate. You have strong written and verbal communication skills, as well as an eye for customer service
    • Flexible. This is a remote full time, 40 hour per week position. Weekend and weekly night shifts, along with shifts during business hours, are required
    • Agile. You are excited about improving our processes, and you adapt quickly to feedback and new training modules as we expand our offerings and services
    • Passionate about healthcare and helping people. Educational or professional experience in healthcare, medicine, and life sciences a big plus
Internet: You must have wired or wifi connectivity, with download speed minimum of 5.0 Mbps and upload speed minimum of 3.0 Mbps
Mobile device: You will need to install a few programs on a personal phone or tablet for authentication purposes. This device should be running Android iOS 8+ or iOS 12+
Computer: You need to provide your own laptop or desktop with a monitor capable of displaying 1920 x 1080 pixels, and a sound card installed for use with speakers or headphones. Your device should meet the following requirements:

ChromeOS: Intel Pentium
Non-ChromeOS: Intel i3 processor or AMD Ryzen or better

ChromeOS: 4GB of RAM or better
Non-ChromeOS: 6 GB of RAM or better

Operating System
ChromeOS: no minimum
Windows 10 or better

Google Chrome (latest version), Safari (latest version), or Internet Explorer 11
Please let us know during the interview process if you have concerns with any of these requirements. *We are not currently hiring residents of CA*

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