Remote Editor Jobs & Careers | General Editor

Job Responsibilities : General Editor

Salary : $49200 per year

Company : Andreessen Horowitz

Location : Remote US runs separately from the content marketing efforts of our VC operations. At we strive to help more and more people understand technology innovation and how to build and participate in this dynamic ecosystem. We’re building a trusted go-to site about how the future is unfolding from the perspective of those shaping it. We’re pro-tech pro-future pro-change. And we’re out to help grow the tech economy. This role can be done remotely from the U.S. based on Pacific time.

Our editors work closely with subject matter experts in the U.S. and abroad and help them express their experience thinking and perspectives. We collaborate with builders execs legal experts academics authors and other experts across tech health care biotech fintech crypto consumer tech enterprise software gaming and beyond. We’ve invested in content for years. That’s included our chart-topping a16z Podcast oft-cited articles reports and op-eds. Startup builders and technologists have been our core audience alongside all people who are working in or with the tech ecosystem. We’re building so we can eventually engage everyone in the world who’s tech curious.

In this role the editor will work across verticals and topics to help connect the dots for the audience in key areas like the homepage and newsletters partner with other editors and the growth team on getting more value from our content and edit and produce their own pipeline of original pieces. This role is well-suited for someone who has some editorial and/or content marketing experience and is looking to develop their editing skills while still honing their writing or marketing chops.

To join our team you should be excited to:

  • Work closely with and learn from a team of seasoned editors from media and tech as well as partner with our growth/audience development team
  • Be the “glue” between different topics and ideas working in established formats (homepage newsletter etc) and experimenting in new ones to surface pieces and themes for our audiences
  • Track relevant industry developments and surface fresh angles from diverse voices problem solvers and builders.
  • Source assign and edit pieces with differentiated POVs.
  • Help experts shape ideas into meaty accessible pieces. That includes pushing back on weak ideas fallacies bad structure and holes and working through multiple drafts. We edit much more deeply than most outlets do. We do heavy developmental and line editing. (These are not primarily writing reporting or copy editing roles. We do not compete with mainstream media. And we do not cover breaking news nor do we ghost-write.)
  • Work across our editorial and growth marketing team to develop ideas for various story formats and approaches on distribution.
  • Run and measure editorial experiments using analytics to iterate and to grow our audience.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Writing editing or content marketing experience at a media outlet or thriving startup or business or a combo of that.
  • Intellectual curiosity about tech and the future and the willingness to closely follow developments.
  • Experience in working closely with experts to shape content and maintain their voice and perspective.
  • Strong judgment about content as well as people and relationships.
  • The EQ to work with a variety of experts and personalities while holding your own. Most of the experts we work with have never written professionally.
  • Strong ability to work autonomously manage time and get things done.
  • A high regard for accuracy including fact-checking.
  • The ability to juggle multiple initiatives at the same time.
  • A builder mindset. We will experiment and rebuild as we scale.
  • Comfort with change and unknowns. Figuring out how to build will require us all to be agile and creative. Our jobs will evolve to meet users’ needs and we’ll all keep learning to do that better and better.

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