Highly Paying Remote Jobs | Solar Sales Team Leader

Job Responsibilities : Solar Sales Team Leader #3V

Salary : From $20,000 a month

Company : Apricot

Location : Remote US

**ATTENTION** Solar Reps & Managers

This is an extraordinary opportunity for experienced solar reps and managers level up their career and compensation.

We are seeking highly motivated individuals with a track record of success in sales.

Apricot Solar is experiencing explosive growth and there is an ENORMOUS amount of energy behind the Apricot Solar brand.

Why does that matter? Simply put, many of our Reps make $20,000+ per month and many of our Team Leaders are making $20,000 to $100,000+ in MONTHLY OVERRIDES.

Sound crazy? This year one of our Sales Team Leaders, who sports a Rolls-Royce Dawn, bought a Ferrari Spyder 488 for Apricot’s CEO, Dave Bengel.

How is this Possible?

The APRICOT PAYS compensation structure is designed to pay almost all of its profits to our sales team. It’s unique to the solar industry and it PAYS.

There’s no “7 layer dip” commonly found in solar companies, which that restricts the ability for our reps to earn a significant income.

Appointments (not just leads)!

Apricot Solar spends thousands of dollars DAILY in marketing to provide our high performing reps with APPOINTMENTS.


Apricot Solar provides the industry’s best training from industry veterans who talk the talk & walk the walk. And the training is 100% remote, so you can do it from anywhere.

Why NOW?

Opportunities don’t wait. Either you USE them or your LOSE them. Solar MILLIONAIRES are being created in your backyard.

Regret is WORSE than FAILURE. Don’t be the GUY/GAL who looks back months from now wishing that they would have APPLIED.

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