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Job Responsibilities : Editor Proofreader

Salary : $41000 per year

Company : Zubi

Location : Coral Gables, FL US

Coral Gables, Florida, United States

The role: This job is for a Bilingual Copy Editor / English to Spanish Translator.  This position edits, proofreads and writes translations, back translations and transcreations, as required for each project, with close attention to spelling and grammar, consistency and adherence to brand standards.

Candidate checklist:

  • Full command of Spanish and English language with strong copy editing and proofreading skills.
  • Write, translate/adapt and proofread copy for diverse Media
  • Knowledge of Advertising terminology
  • Strong computer skills (Word, Excel, and Wordfast)
  • Read and evaluate written text for grammatical and typographical error
  • Liaise with copywriters to determine the best way to communicate a specific idea in any Advertising material
  • Stay abreast with grammatical development as well as new terminologies in each language. Regularly consults established style guides (Associated Press, Real Academia Española) for new or evolving usage of language.
  • Contact copywriters directly to clarify inconsistencies related to style and text choice
  • Ensure project is completed within set time constraints

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